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Hole Ordeal

Jaye Davidson Has Ring Around the Wardrobe

One part of Jaye Davidson's anatomy took moviegoers by surprise in "The Crying Game." Now another part has shocked wardrobers on "Stargate." "He had nipple rings," says costume designer Joseph Porro. "No one told me about that." Because Davidson plays the ancient Egyptian ruler Ra in the sci-fi flick, Porro says, he wanted the actor to wear "a mantle over the top [of his bare chest] -- the Egyptians did that a lot. But Davidson's body piercings put a crimp in that idea. "I said, 'Jaye, can we take these out?'" says Porro. "But Jaye said, 'No. I just got them and they need to be in for two months.' It was the one thing he stood his ground on." Fortunately, Porro found a solution: "I went with [the styles of] ancient Greece. I did this corset thing to hide it. It's sci-fi, so I could have fun with it."

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