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Success By Design

How Aesthetics Affect Your Bottom Line

"Looks aren't everything." It wasn't true when your mom soothingly intoned it, and it's certainly not true for your movie theatre. With home entertainment options rapidly evolving, exhibition must play its ace: the Bigscreen Experience. And a.... » read more

What's On the Menu?

How Concessions Signage Can Upsize Your Profits

It's a not-so-secret fact that exhibitors' profits are in the popcorn. The idea of making anything less than the most of your concessions offerings leaves a bad taste in one's mouth that not even a movie-sized candy bar followed by an ice-cold.... » read more

New Dimensions

ShoWest 2005 Unveils The Movie Industry's Next Big Thing

"There's no girls hanging from the ceiling, but... it's still nice," a conventioneer was overheard opining at ShoWest 2005's Fox event. Sure, last year's gymnastic wireworks display that preceded the "Spider-Man 2" sneak peek was a crowd-pleaser,.... » read more

"Boom"ing Business

Economist David K. Foot on How Generational Trends Affect Profitability

He didn't bend any spoons with his mind, but University of Toronto economics professor David K. Foot, author of "Boom, Bust & Echo: Profiting From the Demographic Shift Into the 21st Century," served as a financial Kreskin for ShowCanada delegates.... » read more

ShowCanada Industry Update

Seminar Spans Digital Cinema, Alternative Content and Box Office Stats

A panel of industry executives looked at the status of digital cinema by relaying experiences to date, investigated alternative sources of revenue and examined box office statistics at this substantial ShowCanada seminar. Famous Players, which.... » read more

Make Your Own Luck

Entrepreneur Pete Luckett On How to Bring in Business

The effervescent Pete Luckett, a fruit seller-turned-author, professional speaker and media personality who could be seamlessly transposed into Dickensian fiction in the role of the charming rogue, confessed that he was suffering a bout of sciatica.... » read more

Pirates, Superstars and Spidey

ShoWest 2004 Banishes Bootleggers, Celebrates Celebs and Woos Webslingers

Pirates to the left of us. Superstars to the right of us. Digital cinema all around us. Warren Beatty's poignant reminiscences of retiring MPAA president and beloved industry leader Jack Valenti, and vice versa. Sony vice chairman Jeff Blake's.... » read more

Money Matters

Exhibitors, Manufacturers and Innovators on Alternative Revenue Sources

Though the term "alternative revenue sources" has been co-opted by digital cinema proponents of late, the concept is one that should be applied regardless of the implementations of new technology. Dean Leland, director of marketing for Empire.... » read more

Accentuate the "Positive"

Patron Loyalty Achieved by "Positively Outrageous Customer Service"

They do things big in the Lone Star State, including customer service, if Texas-based author T. Scott Gross is any indication. His supersized brand of PR not only transcends the large-living Southwest, but is a commodity that should be exported the.... » read more

21st-Century Digital Boys

Industry Execs Discuss the Future of the Movie Business

Moderated by Robert J. Dowling, editor-in-chief and publisher of the Hollywood Reporter, ShoWest's discussion of what is to come in exhibition was paneled not by exhibitors or distributors but, in a sign of the times, the toppers of two of the.... » read more

Digital Watch

Technology Evolves During Prolonged Transition to D-Cinema

The delays in the adoption of digital technology could be viewed by glass-half-full types as a prolonged testing period that has allowed manufacturers to continue perfecting their product prior to a mass-market rollout, diminishing premature.... » read more

Sprocket Science

International Theatre Equipment Association Gives Digital, Celluloid Equal Time

The International Theatre Equipment Association's seminar block titled "Looking Around" included instructions on screen and projector maintenance, a tutorial on sound- and light-measuring techniques and video tours demonstrating how film is.... » read more

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