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Arts and Kroffts

How Sid and Marty Krofft Turned Low-Rent Giant Puppets and Crappy Matte Shots Into Television Magic

by Christine "Superchick" James Once upon a summertime, just a dream from yesterday (actually Hollywood, California, in 1969), two brothers, Sid and Marty Krofft, took some life-sized puppets, a precocious British moppet, and an eerie talking.... » read more


The Fowl-Minded Genius of "Dirdy Birdy" Animator John R. Dilworth

You can't throw an Aeon Flux action figure without hitting an animated short permeated with too-hip dadaism, detached nihilism, ribald gross-out gags or graphic ultraviolence. (Plus, there's an inherent danger of perpetrating some ultraviolence.... » read more

Scary Grossmas

A Revolting Toy Round-Up -- Just in Time for the Holidays

Move over, fake vomit and dog doo (and as far away from me as possible, please!). The new millennium has much more to offer in the way of putrid playthings than awful offal. Two years ago, captivated in horrific fascination by a commercial.... » read more

Get a Piece of the "Rock"

Blast from the Past: "Schoolhouse Rock" Released on DVD

Like many of my 30something compatriots, I'm prone to approach pals with the hypothetical scenario, "Hi. Suppose you're going nut-gathering. Your buddy wants to know where and when. Use an adverb and tell him!" But when Winona Ryder crooned.... » read more

Hole Ordeal

Jaye Davidson Has Ring Around the Wardrobe

One part of Jaye Davidson's anatomy took moviegoers by surprise in "The Crying Game." Now another part has shocked wardrobers on "Stargate." "He had nipple rings," says costume designer Joseph Porro. "No one told me about that." Because Davidson.... » read more

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